T21 TWS True Wireless Earphones


bluetooth earphones: Bluetooth earphones can automatically connect to the phone when it is picked up, and it will not hurt the ear.

Bluetooth headset: Bluetooth headset adopts advanced chip to control high density and surround sound. Bluetooth headset connected to the phone after connection, automatically connect back to the charging bin, and pair again when it is not in use.

volume control: With the sound of music and phone calls, you can have a clear voice quality without affecting the use of other digital products in our ears, which can realize highdefinition voice calls.

memory card: This is a new generation of bluetooth headset, adopts intelligent memory card to play the music. It is a new generation of highend memory card, so you can enjoy your music without missing any moment.

bluetooth wireless headset: Bluetooth wireless headset with microphone, can be used alone without affecting the use of other phones. This bluetooth wireless headset can be easily turned on and off with the push of a button.

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