SA1200P cool black air quality monitor


1200P CO2 Monitor is a indoor desktop and wall mountable instrument that measures CO2 concentration in air.
The instrument displays the real-time value of CO2 concentration in ppm, temperature and relative humidity.
The measured CO2 value in ppm (parts-per-million) will be displayed on the LCD with tee states indication: Good (0 to 800ppm), Normal (800 to 1200ppm), Poor (>1200ppm).
It has built-in storage for continuous data logging.
Powered by USB, or optional AC adapter.

Household carbon dioxide detector SA1200P digital co2 monitor indoor air quality monitor CE
– Monitor CO2 Carbon Dioxide concentrations
– Maintenace free NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor
– Automatic Baseline Calibration (ABC) with disable feature for use in areas with continuously elevated CO2 levels (>400ppm)
– Triple LCD simultaneously displays CO2, Temperature and Humidity
– Visible and Audible CO2 warning alarm when concentration level exceeds high or low user set point
– Min/Max CO2 value monitor
– Desktop or wall mount
– Complete with Universal usb cable and optional AC adapter

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