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Pulse Oximeter is affordable for those who are on a budget. It provides you with a clinically accurate measurement of blood oxygen (SpO2) value, pulse rate (PR) and oxygen probe altogether. It is a small, lightweight fingertip design which can be attached painlessly to your fingertip. It sends light through the finger to measure the level of oxygen in your system and pulse rate. This device is featuring a bright and large size colour TFT screen which is easy in the dark conditions or even by a person with poor eyesight. Its finger chamber fits different.

  • Features hospital-grade precision sensors for easy and clinically accurate results. It provides Spo2, pulse rate, and pulse bar graph readings within seconds on the large size TFT display
  • This fingertip pulse oximeter comes with a large size TFT display. The bright large size screen rotates in 4 directions to provide you with a clear view of all your measurements for an easy read
  • Includes everything needed to use it right out of the package. 2 AAA batteries included in the package for your convenience. One set of batteries can give you up to 30 hours of continuous monitoring
  • This is light-weight and compact size device which is easy to carry with you for use either at home or outdoor
  • This is a small clamp-like device which can be placed easily on the fingertip. Press the button, a small beam of light passes through the finger and afterwards, the display will show the result
  • A wide range of finger sizes fits in the finger chamber with infrared light. Sports enthusiasts, mountain climbers, skiers or anyone who wants to measure their Spo2 and pulse worry-free

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