Bluetooth Headset, Samnyte


Samnyte Bluetooth headset is a Super thin Super light, high quality headset, long time wearing no pain, no sense of oppression, Sweatproof, Skid proof, not fall off. Even Office, Gym, Driving all day is still very comfortable, you can not even feel its weight
This headset is very suitable for driving, office, travel, music. Built-in CSR import high-end chip (stable signal transmission) and CVC6.0 noise reduction, even in noisy environment can guarantee clear sound quality
it has 8 hours talk time, 240 hours standby time, 10 meters connection range, fully meet the needs of work and life

Intelligent Voice Control
Press and hold the start button for 2 seconds to wake up the phone voice assistant.
Support Google voice, Siri, S Voice, Bixby ..and so more voice assistant. Through them to complete the instructions you want

Left Ear or Right Ear Wear
The headset speaker can be rotated 180 degrees, easy to switch left and right ears to wear, to ease the ear hearing fatigue, to meet the needs of different customers wear

Connect two devices at the same time, Smart Pairing
New device is first pairing, press the start button for 7 seconds into the pairing mode (blue and red LED lights flash alternately) and then start the phone Bluetooth pairing
Second time pairing, just press 3 seconds to boot up, all devices will be automatically connection

PS: To extend the life of the headphones, do not overcharge. The most suitable charging time 2-4 hours
Charging voltage: 4.5-5V, not more than 5V. Otherwise will damage the headset

Package Included
1 x Samnyte Bluetooth headset
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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