ANKOVO Pulse Oximeter


ANKOVO Finger Pulse Oximeter reads accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate, it is perfect for exercise enthusiasts, athletes, and those who need to monitor their blood oxygen circulation and heart rate. Please note that this device is for Sports & Aviation use only and is not a medical device. Operation Steps: 1.Stick one finger completely into the finger chamber of the oximeter. The fingernail should be facing upward 2.Release the clip and press the power-on button to power on the pulse oximeter. 3.Don’t tremble your finger when the Oximeter is working. Your body is not recommended on moving status. 4. The oximeter will automatically shut down 10 seconds after you remove your finger. Package List: 1.One Pulse Oximeter 2. User Manual 3. 2x AAA Batteries 4. Lanyard



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